Clive Rowe

- Reviews Nov 2009 Mar 2010 and June 2011

Nov 2009 Artisspectrum

Feb /March 2010  Gallery & Studio (Maurice Taplinger)

"...what these works make most clear is that Clive Rowe is one of the more adventurous photographers at work today, breaking with tradition in various ways that promise to expand the possibilities of a still relatively young medium poised promisingly on the brink of the digital revolution."

Summer 2011 ed of Gallery and Studio (Peter Wiley)

"One of Rowe’s most notable contributions is in projecting a sense of kinetic energy that brings his prints alive in new and exciting ways distinctly different from those of painting. For even as they signal new directions for abstraction, these compositions simultaneously reflect the shifts and flux of contemporary reality in regard to the .....artificial environments that we presently inhabit........
    Perhaps this is the brave new world ..... we must learn to live with. In which case, Clive Rowe may well be in the vanguard of those artists who will ultimately reveal to us its own peculiar beauty."